50 Hour CPD Applied Yoga Course – 6 Weeks

Hosted by Yoga with Aoife Ni Mhurchu and Olive 3 Studio

30 April - 14 May

This course is ideal for recently qualified teachers, looking to build their confidence and deepen their knowledge, and aspiring teachers who are beginning their Yoga teaching journey. It is also perfect for school teachers who want to introduce yoga to their students, sports and personal trainers looking to introduce yoga to their training routines.

As either an introduction to teaching yoga*, or an expansion on what you learned in your first 150/200h TTC, we provide you with a safe and supportive environment, where you will explore the basic choreography of a yoga class, and get the practical experience you need to feel ready to teach.

I began practicing yoga over a decade ago, and immediately felt it was something very special. After a few years I decided to study Yoga more deeply, and to qualify as a teacher. Now with almost 1000 hours of training behind me, and 4 years of teaching Yoga, I've noticed that many Teacher Training courses simply don't have the time within the 200h structure to give trainees enough time to practice preparing and teaching classes. With so much to cover on your first TTC, it's easy to understand that we don't always manage to get enough practical experience. Often we are given a script or sequence for a signature class, which can be a good place to start, but not necessarily enough to help you express your unique way of sharing Yoga.

This course aims to give you this time. Divided into 4 modules over 8 weeks you will study and practice the 4 sections of a Yoga class. You will be able to prepare, choreograph and deliver an authentic and holistic yoga class that is suitable for all levels and explores not only the physical body, but emotional and mental body too. You will learn about pranayama, mantra and sankalpa, the 5 koshas, essential asana and anatomy, meditation and yoga nidra.

There is an art to teaching Yoga that comes with practice and experience. We are always learning, and I am still discovering new things about Yoga every day. Our exploration of the vast endless bounty of wisdom and practical tools that Yoga brings us can last a lifetime. It is an honour and a vocation to share the teachings of Yoga with others, and although it is an ancient tradition, we each have our own authentic and unique way of teaching Yoga. Continue your journey, find your voice and practice your expression of Yoga with us on this course.

*note that a minimum of 200-250 hours of training is required to begin teaching Yoga. If this is your first course, you will not be fully qualified to teach Yoga until you complete a further 150-200 hours training minimum.

50 Hour CPD Applied Yoga Course – 6 Weeks
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